As I look back on 2017, I can’t believe all of the changes that have occurred in my professional and personal life this year. I started out the year living in Dickinson, ND with a wonderful job and stable life for my family. Our lives were turned upside down with our move home to Bismarck this spring. Elite Eye Care officially opened its doors May 1st, 2017 and it has been full of ups and downs as with any new business. Our family has since adjusted to the move and we are loving being home and spending time with our friends and family. This community is truly something special and I can’t believe that our dream of returning back home has finally come true.

This journey of opening Elite Eye Care has taught me some great life lessons and I hope that they help you look at your life and see the beauty within it.

1. I actually really enjoy what I do. You must be thinking well duh, you opened a clinic and went to all that school so I hope you like your job. But sometimes we doubt our decisions and think what did I get myself into. Between trying to provide amazing patient satisfaction, marketing the clinic, dealing with insurances, and quickbooks- the job of being just an eye doctor gets lost in the shuffle. I specifically remember examining a patient and while I was explaining the testing and how I was going to help them SEE LIFE BETTER, just feeling this urge to smile because I really enjoy optometry. I mean how cool is it to help people see so that they can watch their kids at their dance recital, enjoy hunting/fishing, get through their work day and provide for their family, and put glasses on a young child and watch them truly see for the first time. That is why I do this and I will continue to cherish those moments even when being just the eye doctor sometimes takes a backseat to other duties.

2. Great co-workers can make work seem less like work. My work bestie Beth has become truly an amazing friend. When you spend eight hours a day together and especially with opening a new business, you can really get to know someone. She always keeps me in the loop with the fun events in town and keeps me on schedule in the office. I would be lost without her help and amazing skills with patient care. We always have our Wednesday morning recap of what happened on “This Is Us” from the previous evening and I am so happy and thankful that I have found not only an exceptional co-worker but a friend.

3. Enjoy the moment. I am someone who is always looking ahead. I think I had my whole life planned by the time I started college. When you are always looking ahead you lose the enjoyment of the moment and the stage in life that you are in currently. This is a lesson both professionally and personally for me. Professionally, it is great to plan for the future but enjoying the time and dedication that I can give to patients now because we are new is amazing. Personally, this means stop wanting my kids to get to the next stage and enjoy watching Frozen for the hundredth time, middle of the night snuggles, and a messy home. Also, sometimes life has a different plan than what you imagined and in those times, it is good to stop give thanks for the joys in your life and pray for guidance/help to get you through the unexpected.

I have a lot to be thankful for this year and I truly feel blessed for the love and support my family, friends, and this community has shown me in opening Elite Eye Care. From the bottom of my heart thank you for the kind reviews, words of encouragement, referrals, and for walking in the door and trusting me with your eye care. My hope is that 2018 brings you all joy, love, and happiness. I will end this post with one of my favorite quotes in hopes that it inspires you as well.

“Have the courage to be truly happy” –Pope Francis


Dr. Keller