Spring/Summer weather is finally here and I hope you have been able to get outside and enjoy some sunshine and fresh air. Summer time in the “eye world” usually means time to get those sunglasses updated and ready for another season of fishing, boating, golfing, or other fun outdoor activities.  I thought I would give you a quick list of the best lens tints and options so that you are getting the best out of your sunglasses.

  1. UVA/UVB Protection: Your sunglasses need to protect against 100% UVA/UVB light rays (some don’t, so check the label). UVA/UVB are the damaging light rays that will cause eye issues such as cataracts, macular degeneration, and irritation (similar to a sun burn). This is the MOST important part of any sunglasses as this is the key to keeping your eyes healthy.
  2. Polarized: Polarization is a great enhancement feature in your sunglasses that reduces the glare from your surroundings, whether that is water, snow, rain, or just glare from the sun off the pavement. The best example of this is if you where to look at water with your eyes only or non-polarized sunglasses you would just see the surface or maybe your reflection. But if you look with polarized lenses you will be able to see INTO the water. Excellent feature and strongly recommended on all sunglasses.
  3. Anti-Reflective: Some top-rated sunglass lens companies will put an additional enhancement feature called anti-reflective on the backside of your sunglass lenses. The polarized lenses take care of the glare coming from the front but glare/reflections can occur on the back of the lens and that is reduced by the anti-reflective. Another great feature that I recommend but the big key is to have your lenses polarized.

Tint Color:

  1. Gray: Excellent for light sensitivity and bright sunny days. Great standard color.
  2. Brown/Amber: Best for all day use- from dawn to dusk because it allows more light through the lens than gray. Better for contrast improvement/sports, think golfing and judging your greens.
  3. Blue: Excellent for light sensitivity and water activities, think sea fishing when you are completely surrounded by water with no land in sight.
  4. Green: Great for light sensitivity and water activities, think more lake or small body of water fishing where you can see the shore. Also, another great lens for golfing as it also improves your contrast sensitivity.
  5. Additional options are available and less common, please always ask your optician/optometrist for more information related to your sport.
  1. Mirror: Adding a mirror surface to the front of your sunglasses also reduces glare and is a strongly recommended option for snow and water activities. It adds some extra flare to your eyewear as well. If you want a mirror but do not want a loud colored mirror such as green or blue, there are options for a soft silver or silver copper mirror through our lens company Costa.
  2. Finally, for my younger patients I strive to always recommend some type of sunglass protection for them as their eyes have the most exposure to those harmful sun rays. A hat/cap is always a great option for children that won’t wear sunglasses. For non-prescription make sure you check the labels for lenses you buy online or at stores as they may not protect against the correct amount of UV. Another excellent option is Babiator- which we have at Elite Eye Care. They are fully bendable and come in great color frame/lens options (even polarized). Best yet is they have a guaranteed warranty for broken or LOST frames. For my young patient’s in need of prescription sunglasses a great option instead of having to purchase two pairs is to add transitions (clear lenses change dark when going outside) to their current eyeglasses or take advantage of our buy one get one half off on eyewear.

What am I wearing? I have just ordered my new Costa frame- Pawleys, which includes polarized lens with backside anti-reflective. The lenses have a green mirror front surface and brown/amber back surface, which I am hoping improves my golf game this summer. I am also looking forward to the green mirror for enjoying time on the water at the river or lake. Once you experience the visual comfort and clarity of a great pair of sunglasses you never want to wear anything else.

I hope that everyone in the Elite Eye Care family has an amazing summer filled with adventures, fun, and a little rest/relaxation. If you are looking for ways to SEE LIFE BETTER please reach out, feel free to call our office 701-390-1315 or email at eliteeyesnd@gmail.com.


Dr. Keller