I had an AWESOME experience at my child’s pediatrician appointment this morning. My daughter was due for a vaccination appointment and was scheduled to just see the nurse. I mentioned her irritability and some out of the ordinary symptoms she has been having and I thought maybe her ears might be infected. The clinic was amazing and fit me into the doctor’s schedule, so that I would not have to go to the walk-in clinic or come back. I know that this was a lucky event as this clinic tends to have very full schedules.

This very lucky event got me thinking of parents that have a child that develops “pink eye” or has an eye injury, so they try to get into the pediatrician and are not as lucky as I was, or have to go to an unknown provider at the walk-in clinic. I wish those parents would know all of their options and all that we can help with at Elite Eye Care.

Motto to remember: If you have an eye problem see an EYE doctor. I hear it all the time, someone has an eye related issue like dryness, eye redness, or eye pain and they go to the walk-in clinic or parents take their child to the pediatrician. These providers do a great job, but they do not specialize in eye care like we do at Elite Eye Care. Eyes are what we deal with every day, all day. I like to say if you had a problem with your teeth, where would your go, of course, the dentist. I hope people will start to think of their eyes in the same way.

Here is a list of common eye conditions that we can help you with:

  • Dry Eyes
  • Eye Allergies
  • Eye Infection (aka Pink Eye)
  • Eye Injury
    • Chemical in the eye
    • Foreign Body in the eye
  • Contact Lens Infection
  • Cataracts
  • Diabetes
  • Macular Degeneration
  • Floaters
  • Many more…

The next thought most people have is that they do not have eye insurance, so they seek care where they think they can use their insurance. Did you know that your eye doctor accepts medical insurance for just these situations? If you are seeking care for a medical related eye issue (like eye injury, dryness, or eye infection) your evaluation can be sent to your medical insurance at your EYE doctor! Every patient that we see at Elite Eye Care is asked to provide their insurance information for both vision and medical. Many people are confused why we are asking for medical insurance information, and we simply state that if they ever have an eye injury or infection that we will be submitting that evaluation to their medical insurance and it is nice to have it on file ready to go.

I hope that this discussion has been helpful. I want to state that our area pediatricians and other medical providers are amazing and provide wonderful care to patients. If you feel most comfortable with their care, continue to seek it! I only wanted to open your eyes (pun intended!) to all of your options and that you are able to receive more specialized eye care efficiently the same day at Elite Eye Care. Knowledge is power!


Dr. Keller

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