When most people think of contact lenses they think of using them everyday all day. But contacts lenses can be so much more. Here is a list of ways to use contact lenses in a cost-effective way to coordinate with your current eyeglasses or even if you do not wear eyeglasses.

Colored Contact Lenses:

Colored contacts lenses and cosmetic contact lenses have come a long way. You can still buy colored/cosmetic contact lenses ILLEGALLY from online or non-approved retailers, and those will probably be very uncomfortable and undoubtably horrible for your eye health. But if you are evaluated for proper colored/cosmetic contact lenses you will be able to alter your eye appearance in a safe and healthy way. Some patients wear the colored contact lenses daily but some only wear them for certain occasions or events. You can also wear them under your eyeglasses to alter your eye color, but still have the clear vision of your eyeglasses.

Multifocal and Monovision Contact Lenses:

Some people are under the assumption that they can not wear contact lenses because of needing reading eyeglasses or because they wear bifocals. In some cases, it may be more difficult to achieve your vision goals, but for a significant amount of people we can limit you need for reading eyeglasses over your contact lenses. Think about going out to dinner and not having to wear eyeglasses, or shopping at the grocery store and not having to add or remove your eyewear to see the ingredients labels. This type of contact lens wear can be worn part time or full time depending on your needs and goals. We have a lot of possibilities, but the key is to start wearing them as early as possible so you can adjust as your eyes age and change.

Astigmatism Contact Lenses:

Astigmatism contact lenses, also known as toric contact lenses, have come a long way. We have numerous very breathable and comfortable soft contact lens choices now, instead of having to put these patients in hard contact lenses. Several of the most common contact lens brands have a wide range of prescription options and even daily contact lens choices available. At Elite Eye Care, we work with another very popular company called Special Eyes, which allows us to customize an astigmatism contact lens specifically for our patients that are not able to fit into the most common contact lens brands. Again, this type of correction could just be for working out at the gym or an evening out, but also full-time wear depending on your needs and goals.

Daily Contact Lenses:

Did you try contact lenses years ago and just could not wear them because they were uncomfortable or dried out throughout the day? Well, daily contact lenses are my favorite type of contacts available because they make cleaning and care so easy. You wear your new fresh contact lenses throughout the day and just throw them away before bedtime. I find that my patients love the comfort of a new, fresh, and thinner contact lens. The key with daily contact lenses is just to try them! Most patients just assume that their contact lenses are just supposed to feel a little dry or uncomfortable throughout the day, but just trying out daily contacts will give you a sense of how great your contacts lenses can actually feel. Again, this type of wear is great for full-time wear, but also for part-time wear as you do not have to pay attention to how long you have had the contact lenses, as you just wear them for your event and then throw them away afterwards.

Specialty Contact Lenses:

Some patients require a hard, hybrid, or scleral contact lens. At Elite Eye Care, we evaluate and prescribe all types of specialty contact lenses and enjoy helping improve the vision of patients who require these types of contact lenses either by choice or due to an eye health issue.

As you can see, there are so many options with contact lenses. It is very common for people to use multiple types of contact lenses with or without eyeglasses depending on their needs and goals. At Elite Eye Care, we love when patients are open to just trying a new option as you will never know until you try.

Cheers and Happy Fall,

Dr. Keller